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  • Easy to Use & Affordable
  • Flipkey Integration
  • Web-Based Software
  • Accounting & Quickbooks
  • Online Booking
  • Lead Management
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Automatic Email Marketing
  • E-Signatures for Contracts
  • Short & Long Term Rentals

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Do you need an economically efficient, revolutionary, internet based vacation rental software which allows you to manage all aspects of your business through a centralized hub?

Streamline was created by accomplished leaders in the Vacation Rental field. The input for our unique designs came directly from Travel Agents, Front Desk Operators, Property Owners and Property Managers. We took into account our experience in the Vacation Rental Arena to create a software that can accommodate the many needs of a Vacation Rental Company. Streamline as a whole allows a company to manage every aspect of the vacation rental management including accounting, reservations, travel agents, client management, housekeepers, front desk users, property owners, maintenance vendors, administrators and more. With our many modules and easy to use interface, managing properties has never been so practical. We understand the need to stay up to date, so we incorporated real time stats within our vacation rental system. This cutting-edge technology allows all users to view real time reservations online to avoid situations such as double booking. The great news is that we can integrate Streamline onto a company’s existing website or use our website designers to create a custom website which will allow the Streamline Vacation Rental Software to work efficiently.

Articles by Streamline Connect CEO


This has been quite the battle over the past few years and definitely a strange topic to bring up…. I went through school and many years of work using PCs.  I always thought I would never switch over to a Mac.  In my case, I think it was part of having a Computer Science Masters Degree.  I don’t think that a switch to a Mac would go well with my colleagues.  When iTunes first came out, I purchased my music through iTunes.  Then, the iPad became the norm for everyone.  Including my kids! At compa...

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Let’s think of who is making reservations today. Probably the 30-70 year old range. These people have grown up with a desktop computer and a laptop. Some of us have even transitioned to an iPad. Mobile phoneS applies to a certain group of these people. When I refer to a cell phone, I refer to the comfort level of looking for a rental on a mobile phone. So, what do I do with my website? How do I increase conversions? Is a mobile site important? The answer is YES and NO. That was an easy article……...

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  Who doesn’t want the perfect website?  I have spent years going to a conference called PubCon (http://www.pubcon.com/).  If you have never been there, you are in for a treat.  We have a lot of preconceived ideas about what we should do in order to make our websites convert bookings.  We also tend to ignore the potential benefits of social media.  This conference sheds a completely new light on the world of online marketing.  Every year it is something new.  They talk about Google, Bing, F...

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